Frequently Asked Questions

So typically a solicitor would call us and they will explain what they are looking for in terms with someone with a particular skill set for a particular matter. The next step is for us to decide where are we going to place the expert witness report. We have a personal knowledge of the 60 plus people on our database and we will then ask the solicitors to send us a brief electronically. We prefer to get it electronically rather than paper form.

Just send an application to us through our website. We are interested in receiving applications from
people who are, if you like at top of their game and maybe interested in an additional income stream.

So we typically would charge X minus to solicitor and we would pay at consultant X minus 30% so that 30% is their profit margin and allow us also to run business providing sourcing the experts and helping the experts produce the report.

When we get a new expert to join our panel, we will be giving set of rules for instance, what would be an acceptable evidence etc. We will also teach our experts the challenges associated with going to court when examined and being cross examined. We will provide the expert with important reconstruction through videos so the expert can see how they are coming across when they answer the questions that have been posed by the barrister.

Need a Specific Expert


Phone 1300 732022 for a free  15-minute discussion about  your case.  Alternatively send an email to animalexpertwitness@gmail.com with a brief outline of your needs  and one of our staff  will phone you back.

Join our Expert Panel


Maybe you have well established expertise and are interested in additional income associated with providing verbal or written opinions.


Animal Experts Training

We have a program to train already established experts who are new to providing reports for the legal profession.