Animal Expert Witness’ Early History – Part 1

Animal Expert Witness - Early History 1

In 1987, I was working as director of horse business management studies At Marcus Oldham College in Geelong. There were solicitors who were interested in getting an opinion from someone indepedent, on horses and people and accidents. So that’s how the business started dealings with horses only.

Animal Expert Witness’ Early History – Part 2

Animal Expert Witness - Early History 1

We started to getting inquiry from other solicitors who had matters to do with sheep, cattle, goats, pigs, alpacas, dogs. Again personal injury type cases principally and as a result of that we started to accumulate what a bank of people who were the top of their field in terms of expertise with those particular […]

How to find an animal expert witness

How to Find an Animal Expert Witness

The problems for the solicitor are time and a good understanding of the animal issues. Identifying a person with expertise and an ability to express themselves in writing is challenge number 1 for the solicitor. There is a reticence by many who have the expertise to get involved in the litigation process. This makes finding […]

New Web Site Concept and Design

New Animal Expert Witness Service Website

Animal Expert Witness Service is pleased to advise the introduction of our new web site system. Now we are able to manage the web site ourselves and can constantly ensure our contents and information is up-to-date.