How to Find an Animal Expert Witness

How to find an animal expert witness

The problems for the solicitor are time and a good understanding of the animal issues.

Identifying a person with expertise and an ability to express themselves in writing is challenge number 1 for the solicitor. There is a reticence by many who have the expertise to get involved in the litigation process. This makes finding a good expert challenging for the solicitor.

Over the last 25 years Animal Expert Witness Service have developed a ‘stable’ of experts who have a proven track record producing verbal and/or written reports for the legal profession.

Recently, AEWS were approached to find an expert for an unusual matter. None of the experts on the AEWS panel were ideal. The team used their network of contacts to identify three people who had the necessary expertise for this case. AEWS spent 4 hours tracking down and speaking with the three proposed experts. Only one of the three was interested and available to do the job. This person could meet the deadline and had no prior association with either the plaintiff or the defendant. They were also three years away from retirement and were attracted to the idea of receiving 10 hours of training from AEWS in developing their expertise in writing expert witness reports.

How much time might this process have taken a solicitor? Could this mean the difference between a good or poor outcome for the solicitor and their client?

To find an appropriate animal expert witness, contact AEWS by email or phone.

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