Dog Experts

“Information capsules”  about some of our experts

  1.  Veterinary practitioner with 20 years+ experience practicing in a a variety of socio economic suburbs. Unusual knowledge not available in textbooks as to what happens if certain conditions are left untreated vs treated intensively. Broad  knowledge of emergency medicine. Practical approach to dog bite issues.
  2. Veterinary practitioner with 35 years+ experience. Has expertise in issues relating to people  management of veterinarians and veterinary nurses. Has unfair dismissal claim expertise. In 1993  was made an honorary life member of the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), and in 2005 was presented with a meritorious services award for his contributions to the RSPCA. Has served on many Animal Ethics Committees and for a number of years has run programs for the Victorian State Government for new members and new chairs of these Animal Ethics Committees. Director of a public company involved in the development of a new pharmaceutical. Experienced expert witness in dog matters relating to dangerous breeds legislation and dog bites. Experience as international management consultant for MaST.  His breadth of experience both within and outside the business of veterinary practice is unusual.