Experts in Dairy and Beef Cattle

“Information capsules”  about some of our experts

  1. Veterinary surgeon and on-farm production consultant.
  2. Veterinary surgeons who as well as being a partner in a 15-20 vet practice, is  also a farmer in his own right. Experienced with design of cattle facilities. Experienced with moving cattle from point A to point B which is sometimes relevant in matters where cattle had been part of a road traffic accident.
  3. Former President of the Australian Cattle Vets Association.
  4. Northern Territory veterinary surgeon involved in extensive production of beef cattle and live animal export to Southeast Asia.
  5. Veterinary surgeon specialising in dairy cattle.
  6. Veterinary surgeon with expertise on yard and paddock design.
  7. Veterinary surgeon and farmer with expertise in the area of safe occupational health and safety practices.