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Horse Expert Witness to Help Strengthen Your Case

Animal Expert Witness provides horse expert witness with legal expertise within the equine industry such as legal issues that affect horse owners and horse business owners. Issues like injury from horse riding or any horse accident-related issue we can also assist in any legal proceeding. It can be a difficult choosing the right expert witness for a case. Here at Animal Expert Witness, we will help you choose the right expert from our pool of qualified horse experts for wide variety of horse related case.

Types of Horse Cases

  • Horse or Equestrian Related Injury

    During the 30 years of our operation we have dealt with personal injury cases involving horses of almost every conceivable breed and activity. Eg. Injuries related to equestrian sports and accidents.

  • Horse Behavior

    Horse behavior resulting in damage to people or property.

  • Horse Accidents

    Horse Accidents as a result principally of the horse facilities where the horse is being kept. Eg. faulty barriers, faulty cross country jumps, etc.

  • Horse Training

    Horse Training resulting in injury to the horse, the rider, or the person handling the horse.

  • Interpretation of Horse Pathology Results

Horse Experts Qualifications and Experience

Our horse experts have been selected to our panel because they have expertise, formal training, eg degree in veterinary science, we have experts for different aspects for the horse industry. Below are information capsules about some of our experts.

  1. Experienced show jumping, eventing, and dressage competitor. Also a level 2 equestrian coach, accredited with the national coaching accreditation scheme. Holds a Bachelor of Business in Agriculture from Curtin University. Has completed a certificate level 4 in training and assessment. Currently teaches in the Victorian School Based Program, delivering horse riding and horse management tuition to secondary school students. Formerly practical skills coordinator at Marcus Oldham College, Geelong, in the nationally recognised Diploma of Horse Business Management. Has participated in trail rides as a trail ride leader, and as a trail ride participant. Formerly the holder of an owner trainer’s license with the Victorian Racing Club. Has ridden and worked with horses in the UK and other European countries. Multiple experiences providing expert witness reports to solicitors in the area of horses people and accidents, occupational health and safety.
  2. Horse Behaviour Expert with PhD in Horse Behaviour and author of Multiple Scientific Publications and Textbooks. Currently spends approximately a third of his time overseas lecturing  and running clinics and practical demonstrations utilising his extensive knowledge of the theory and practice of horse behaviour.
  3. Experienced veterinarian  with  knowledge of horse management practices in North Queensland and the Northern Territory. Keen polo cross player.
  4. Veterinary Surgeon with specialist expertise in horses and ophthalmology.
  5. Specialist equine veterinary surgeon who earns his living from surgical procedures performed on horses.
  6. Experienced racing administrator. Formerly Chief executive officer of South Australian Jockey club
  7. Thoroughbred Racehorse trainer with experience in Jumps racing in Australia and overseas ( Steeplechasing and hurdling) , Flat racing . One of Australia’s leading showjumping competitors in the 70s and 80s
  8. Dressage rider, Advanced organisational skills which have been applied to her work in equine education, equestrian competition organisation,racing administration
  9. Professional occupational health and safety consultant with detailed knowledge of the legislation in Australia. He also has an interest in horses.
  10. Accountant who specialises in work  with horse owners and horse business operators. Expert in financial management of horse businesses
  11. Bloodstock agent who has special expertise in the buying and selling of racehorses, stallions, broodmares, weanlings, yearlings , foals through the auction system and by private treaty
  12. Expert in the transportation of horses by road and air
  13. Practising equine veterinarian , past president of  the Australian Equine Veterinary association ( now renamed Equine Vets Australia), who has experience working on horse breeding farms prior to graduation as a veterinary surgeon
  14. Scientist with expertise in horse nutrition
  15. Veterinary pharmacologist who can appear at drug enquiries where a “positive swab” has been ‘called’.

Request an Equine Expert Witness

Some cases where we have provided horse expert witnesses

  1. Opinion sought on whether horse’s behaviour, or rider’s competency or show organisers’ facilities and staff were contributory to an injury to a show rider.
  2. Opinion sought when a rider had a fall while “trying out” a horse before making purchase decision.
  3. Opinion sought in matter where one jockey was suing another jockey for negligent riding resulting in a race fall.
  4. Case in which horse escaped from agistment property and caused a motor vehicle accident. Opinion sought on whether fencing and containment system to prevent horses escaping off the property was adequate.
  5. Opinion sought on interpretation of pathology results.
  6. Assessment of lost earning capacity for professional rider and riding instructor injured in one day event.
  7. Opinion on whether horse should have been allowed to race following medical examination.
  8. Opinion sought on whether horse’s behaviour, rider’s competency or construction of cross-country fence were contributors to an injury to a rider who fell at a one-day event.
  9. Dispute over frozen semen straws accidentally thawed and subsequent loss of income by owner of straws.
  10. Valuation requested on a riding horse which had some years beforehand been injured in a motor vehicle accident.
  11. Opinion and valuation on a horse which got out of its paddock and was injured.

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