How it Works

How does Animal Expert Witness Service  manage each project?

AEWS has developed operational procedures that facilitate the smooth running of each project. A summary of these procedures follows:

  1. With any new project you will receive a “brief” prepared by the law firm who has engaged AEWS and a Consultant Quote Form, along with our Terms and Conditions. Please “skim the brief” so you can establish approximately how many hours it will take you to complete the project.
  2. Consultants are required to complete and return the Consultant Quote within a maximum of three days. The information on this form is the basis of the Client Quote that is forwarded by AEWS. We request that consultants do not discuss fees with the Client at any time. Should the Client wish to do so, please refer them to AEWS.
  3. It is also imperative that consultants do not begin chargeable work on a project until instructed by AEWS to do so. Once we receive the client’s authorisation (a signed copy of the Client Quote) you will be notified, usually by email, to proceed. Without a signed quote, we cannot guarantee payment within the normal 30-day period.
  4. During the progress of the project AEWS may issue a follow-up request for an update on the status of the project. Please provide your update by phone or email as soon as possible.
  5. If any further work is requested by the Client, over and above the amount contained in your original Consultant Quote, AEWS will issue you with a new Consultant Quote form for your completion.
  6. Your final report should be sent to AEWS electronically, (or if a very very large file with photos saved onto a memory stick and posted to us)
  7. The report will be formatted into the AEWS template, and forwarded to the Client.
  8. Please submit a Tax Invoice along with your report. Provided a signed quote was received by the Client, AEWS will pay you within 30 days of receipt of your Tax Invoice for work that falls within the scope of the quote.