Why Join Our Panel of Experts

Our job is to showcase our experts via the website and via the Facebook page,  LinkedIn, Google+ page and Youtube. Also by word of mouth within the legal profession via approaches to people who own barrister’s lists, advertising in law publications, speaking at conferences where lawyers attend.

Animal Expert Witness Service (AEWS) is interested in adding to its “panel of experts” people who are at “the top of their game.” Perhaps you have many years of practical experience in your field and you are interested in earning additional money from consulting and expert witness work. Some of our experts are very well qualified academically. However, it is more important to us that the person has extensive practical experience. You also need to be prepared to go to court if you agree to be an expert witness. Only 1 in 20 of the cases that we deal with results in a court case. If you have never given expert witness testimony in a court it is part of our job to prepare you for this.

Why consult with us?

Animal Expert Witness Service (AEWS) undertakes marketing activities that are designed to showcase your expertise. These include our website – animalexpertwitness.com.au, newsletters and professional development presentations to law firms, town planners and insurance companies, advertisements in professional journals and directories, and direct mail bulletins to interested groups.

AEWS also supports you by:

  1. Preparing fee proposals for the work you will do
  2. Organising client meetings
  3. Formatting of final reports
  4. Providing training on “the court room experience”
  5. Providing training on appearing at tribunals like VCAT

Why Join our Panel of Experts?

How much do we pay our experts?