Our Process

Once we understand your requirements we will be in a better position to suggest an appropriate expert from our panel.

Occasionally your requirements will be unusual and we will need to organise an expert who resides outside Australia.

You then send us a brief which will include a letter of instruction. This letter should include an outline of of what happened, what assumptions our expert is to make, and what questions you want our expert to answer in their report. We also require the names of the defendant and the plaintiff so that we can ensure our expert has no conflict of interest. We also need the date by which you require the report

Our expert will then “skim” your brief and give an estimate of how many hours will be involved in providing you with a verbal opinion and a written opinion. We will then give you a written estimate of fees.

If you wish to proceed, you sign the estimate of fees document and return to us

Our expert will then carry out a detailed examination of the brief. Especially in personal injury matters, where people have been injured while working with animals, the solicitor often initially wants a verbal opinion so they know what their chances of winning the case are. They then are able to make a decision about whether to run the case as a “no win no fee matter”

Payment is required prior to offering a verbal opinion
A written report then may or may not be required
Payment is required prior to provision of the written report

The Animal expert witness service model of analysis of personal injury matters

The method that we have developed to analyse these personal injury cases is one where there is an examination of the animal factors, the people factors, and the environmental factors. The question is then whether there is departure from what is accepted as safe practice in a practical setting

Phone 0425310625​ for a free discussion about your case. Alternatively send an email to animalexpertwitness@gmail.com with a brief outline of your needs and one of our staff will phone you back.