Book a presentation on “Using an animal expert”

We are offering this as a free professional development event to law firms. It has been well received by solicitors, para legals and barristers. We enjoy doing it. Phone us on +61 425310625 to book  a presentation for your staff or for your next regional conference where lawyers get together.

Using an “animal expert witness service” to get better client outcomes

Presentation to law firms

  1. Selecting an Expert –
  2. Letter of Instruction, Provision of Documents and Photos –
  3. Expert Reports – How detailed & scientific?
  4. Inspections – Essential or not?
  5. Evidence – Myth Busting – science or just assertion, or speculation?
  6. Creating a picture in the mind of the non “animal savvy judge or juror”
  7. Presenting Expert Evidence in Court – Using technology!
  8. Case Examples –
  9. Questions