Consultancy Service to the Legal Profession in Animal Related Litigation Matters

We are a group of veterinarians and other university trained professionals who have different specialist areas of expertise across a wide variety of animal species. We are proud of our network of contacts both within Australia and overseas. We are equally proud of our record of identifying experts for sometimes unusual cases.

We deal with all animal species including, Horses, Dairy Cattle, Alpacas, Sheep, Beef Cattle, Goats, Pigs, Dogs and Cats, etc. The business started in 1987 concentrating on horses. The co-founder of the business (Dr. John Stewart BVSc (Hons) MRCVS) was at that time the Director of Horse Management Studies at Marcus Oldham College. His main area of  expertise was horses. Enquiries from solicitors started to come for experts who specialised in other species. Now we have a pool of 50+ experts across 10+ species. Today Susan Stewart B.Bus (Agriculture) heads up the business. Her husband Dr John Stewart remains in an advisory capacity.

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Phone 1300 732022 for a free  15-minute discussion about  your case.  Alternatively send an email to with a brief outline of your needs  and one of our staff  will phone you back.

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Maybe you have well established expertise and are interested in additional income associated with providing verbal or written opinions.

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We have a program to train already established experts who are new to providing reports for the legal profession.