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Expert witness code of conduct discussion

Usually we are engaged by the client’s law firm or insurance company, town planner or loss adjuster. When members of the public contact us directly about a matter, we refer them to a law firm. If you are a solicitor or barrister who is  interested in us referring potential clients to you please phone or email us. Law firms are encouraged to submit their details below so that we have a range of options to put to clients.       

We act for both plaintiff and defendant at different times. The role of our expert in personal injury matters is often initially to provide the law firm with a verbal opinion on the strength of their case. This allows them to make financial decisions about funding a case as a “no win no fee” matter. When it comes to writing a report, our expert is providing an unbiased  report to assist the court in coming to a decision. This is a requirement of expert witness codes of conduct in Victoria, New South Wales  and other Australian states.