How can we help and what does it cost?

Our experts  provide independent unbiased advice. Usually this involves offering an expert opinion, perhaps initially verbal (minimum 2 hour fee), followed   by writing a report. This  may be followed up by attending as an expert witness at a court hearing or a pre-trial conference.Most of the time the law firm does not pay for the process of finding an appropriate expert. The first 3 hours of expert witness sourcing  is free.  Occasionally we have very unusual or difficult requests made of us. We will flag this at the time of our initial phone call with you

Sometimes we are asked by personal injury law firms that work on a No WinNo Fee basis to give a verbal  opinion about a matter.   This then helps the law firm to make a decision about whether they have a strong case and therefore they  will run the case as a no No Win – No Fee matter. Or maybe the law firm then asks their client if they want to proceed with the litigation on the basis that the client  pays fees but the law firm is not paid percentage of the “payout” in the event that they win the case 

Deciding on strategy when running your case

You as the law firm understand the legal issues. Our consultants  understand the animal issues. Sometimes the Animal Expert Witness point of first contact generalist will “mind map” with the law firm who is  looking for a discussion about the way the case might be run.

This is a different service to that where an expert provides an independent unbiased  report which is aimed at “helping the court  come to a decision”  not be an advocate for one side or the other.