Expert Witness Training

Training is available for:

  1. Already well established experts who are new to writing reports for the legal profession. We estimate from previous experience that we need to invest 10 hrs of our time to get a new expert to a stage where they can write expert witness reports that are in a form acceptable to the legal profession. We have a format that we have developed over the last 20 years
  2. What to expect if your dispute eventually goes to court. This often takes the form of a court scene “role play”, which is videoed. The video is then analysed. This can be useful for the expert or  the client of the law firm who may need to give evidence. This aspect of the training arm of Animal Expert Witness Service is a continuation of the business founded by Dr Jack Ayerbe 10 years ago. Jack established QDP (Quality Defence and Litigation Preparation). This business prepares individuals who are going to give evidence in a court so that the process is not foreign to them on possibly their first and only experience being examined and cross examined by barristers.

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Training New Experts to Produce Reports for Lawyers

Preparing an expert for the court room experience

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Maybe you have well established expertise and are interested in additional income associated with providing verbal or written opinions.

Expert Witness Training

Animal Experts Training

We have a program to train already established experts who are new to providing reports for the legal profession.